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So another couple of weeks have passed, and with it, another couple of HC bosses to tick off the list!

We are now 6/6HC, 4/6HC, 1/4HC, and getting close to 2 more!

In terms of recruitment, our guild doors are now open to Holy Pallies and Resto Shammies! If you play these classes, and maybe even with an off spec, then we would love to hear from you, so please go click on the Recruitment tab up there ^

Raiding Update - 9/16HC!

Eldridge a posted Jan 15, 13
Well, Will of the Emperor HC is down!

It certainly has been a long time coming for some of us, progress was halted somewhat with the realm change, and with the holidays taking up a lot of our raiding time, but we have started the New Year very strongly, getting to 6/6HC in Mogu'shan Vaults, and 3/6HC in Heart of Fear. That's 3 new HC bosses falling in a little over a week! We really are well and truly back in the swing of things!

I'd also like to take this opportunity to welcome all of our new raiders in the guild, in both RT1 and RT2, we all hope you enjoy your time with us for months or maybe even years to come!

With both raid teams solidifying their rosters, both teams have seen good progress over the last couple of weeks, and are looking forward to it continuing!

(screenshot of Will HC to follow!)

Realm Change News

Eldridge a posted Dec 6, 12
On the 7th December 2012, <Divine Storm> will be moving to Auchindoun-EU Alliance.

The guild is moving to enable us to hit (if not surpass!) our raiding goals as a guild. We have aspirations of being a World Top 1000 raiding guild, and then going on to improve on that further in the next Tier. These goals are becoming increasingly difficult to achieve on Saurfang-EU, due to the lack of heroic progression raiders on the realm - if the dreaded beast "real life" rears it's ugly head, and we lose a raider, it is next to impossible to replace them on Saurfang, and it stalls raid progress for weeks.

We are moving to one of the best raiding realms in the World, with an abundance of raiding guilds, and talented raiders. 

We will of course be very sad to leave Saurfang, it has been a fantastic home for us since our creation in 2010, almost exactly 2 years ago, and we will miss a lot of the friends we have made on the realm. However, many of us will remain on the realm on our alts and social characters, the guild will remain on Saurfang, being run by the same people, with many of the same awesome guildies!

If anyone has any questions about the realm change, please contact a guild officer in game.

Normal Content Cleared

TommiTMX a posted Nov 20, 12
So, it's been a long few weeks but all Normal Raid Content has been activated in-game and Divine Storm are 16/16 bosses with Sha of Fear going down last night (congratulations to all members of Raid Team 1 on the progress).

Sha of Fear Kill

We're only 2/6 bosses down on Heroic difficulty in Mogu'shan Vaults but that will be our main goal again this coming week as we slowly work our way to 16/16 Heroic.
Trying to get the most out of your class can be difficult, there should be no illusions about that. Those of you who have raided with me know I am pretty competitive when it comes to topping meters (while ensuring tactics are followed, I might add!), but while progress raiding, it is essential that every raider maximises not only their gear, which I would argue is one of the least important aspects of doing great dps/hps, but that they ensure they know everything there is to know about their class.

  1. First off, if you are trying to learn a new spec, or are looking to enhance your knowledge of a current character you have played for a while, visit www.Noxxic.com to get an idea of stat/reforging priorities, gemming and enchanting, rotation and cooldowns. This website is an excellent resource for all raiders, especially those who are just starting out, but it can also be a refresher for even the most seasoned of raiders.
  2. The next step up would likely be class-specific websites, for example I often visit www.warcrafthuntersunion.com to keep up to date with latest changes or 'theory-crafting' for your character. 
  3. In my opinion, ElitistJerks.com should be every raider's online Bible. There is in-depth info regarding the intricacies of classes/specs, similar to Noxxic, but it goes into far more detail. Use this website when you think you have mastered all the info on Noxxic.

This is where most people then shut down their web browser, and start bashing things, and that's fair enough, chances are you will go into a raid and do very well...

But WAIT, there's more!

Most raiders will have, at some point, thought something along the lines of "well 'x' class 'y' spec dont really do well on this fight" - RUBBISH! 

Every class and every spec is viable in every situation (well... more or less), but you have to be able to amend your play style, and tweak your rotation to suit. Somewhere out there, there is an Ele Shaman doing great dps on a fight that you feel your Shammy is useless on, there is a Frost DK topping the meters when everyone tells you to stack Mages because they are "so OP!". There are of course fights where certain classes and specs have an advantage, but this is nothing that cannot be overcome or compensated for with a bit of thinking around the encounter.

Every raid in RT1 is 'logged'. We use www.WorldofLogs.com to log every detail of our raids, and then we can analyse our performance, from "you stood in crap here, keep an eye out for it next time", to "you popped hero 3 seconds late here", to "grats mate, you ranked top 20 fire mage in the world for that fight!"

Take an Analytical Approach

After every raid, I will analyse my (and others') performance, and compare it to the top ranking players for each fight. For example, tonight, RT1 were progressing on the final boss in Heart of Fear. On most of our longer attempts, I was hitting between 70-75k dps. I found the rankings for that boss, for SV hunters, and found that I would have ranked in top 25 ish, if we had killed it. Lots of people may be satisfied with that, and rightly so, but there is always more that can be achieved. On closer inspection of the top SV hunter's dps, I found that our damaging moves being used were very similar, except his 'uptime' of the serpent sting DoT was some 30% higher than mine, and he used fewer arcane shots. He is clearly spending more time ensuring serpent sting is maintained on the boss, and all adds, than getting in an extra arcane shot, which is something I will certainly be working on during our next attempt.

Another example - On Amber Shaper Un'Sok, the 5th boss in Heart of Fear, we can look at a resto druid that has ranked approx 150th in the world, and compare certain aspects of that person's rotation and spells used, to compare it to the top resto druid in the world on that fight. From a very quick glance, we can see the following...

Top Resto Druid
Rejuvenation 31.3% of healing done, 87.2% uptime
Wild Growth 17.5%                            41.4% 
Lifebloom      10.6%                            77.2%

150th Resto Druid
Rejuvenation 44.1%                            78.1%
Lifebloom      18.7%                            83.7%                    
Wild Growth  12.9%                            16.9%

Of course, there are other circumstances to these numbers, such as random damage going out, how it was dealt with by other healers, the list goes on... But it can be seen here that the top druid puts more emphasis on using the spell Wild Growth, than the druid in 150th. 

The bottom line is that there is an abundance of information that can be found in combat logs, and it is, in my opinion, an extremely useful, and very underused tool to improve our performance.

Give it a go!
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